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My name is Steven Mays. I am a software engineer. I write about programming, personal finance, and philosophy.

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Why We Sleep

I recently read the book Why We Sleep, written by Matthew Walker. As someone who has had sleep difficulties my whole life, this book scared the shit out of me. The negative effects of not sleeping 7-8 hours a night are horrific.

Stoicism Part II

My previous post Stoicism Part I dealt with the overall philosophy of Stoicism. This post will cover some techniques to actualize these tenets. Since Stoicism is a philosophy of life, it must be lived and practiced. Strategies Negative visualization Moderation…

Goals Are For Losers

Most successful people do not set goals, they establish systems. Example goal: Lose 10 pounds Example system: Work out 4 days per week Notice that the example system looks a lot like a goal? Systems generally have an implicit goal,…


Tribalism is a vestige from when humans were in small groups, and encountering another group could potentially mean death. The tribe that walked over smiling and carrying gifts got slaughtered, and those doing the slaughtering were our ancestors. Evolution selected…

Stoicism Part I

In the days of Ancient Greece, philosophy and science were intertwined. Philosophers were scientists. Science is the attempt to uncover immutable laws about the physical world. In turn, Philosophy is the attempt the uncover immutable laws about life. The philosophy…