I recently read the book Why We Sleep, written by Matthew Walker. As someone who has had sleep difficulties my whole life, this book scared the shit out of me.
My previous post Stoicism Part Idealt with the overall philosophy of Stoicism. This post will cover some techniques to actualize these tenets. Since Stoicism is a philosophy of life, it must be lived and practiced. Strategies Negative visualization Moderation Accept Responsibility Negative VisualizationIt seems counter-intuitive to leading a happy productive life, but imaging the negative has some pretty powerful side effects. The first, and probably the most important is you realize how great everything is right now.
In the days of Ancient Greece, philosophy and science were intertwined. Philosophers were scientists. Science is the attempt to uncover immutable laws about the physical world. In turn, Philosophy is the attempt the uncover immutable laws about life. The philosophy of life I subscribe to is Stoicism. The word stoic connotes an emotionless lump who goes through life not reacting to events. But the opposite is true, the Stoic approaches life with vigor.
I’m a full stack developer working in the .Net ecosystem. I recently wanted to learn more about Data Structures and Algorithms as they are fundamental to software development. My degree is in Information Systems so I didn’t study this in college. I found the information on the internet disjointed, so I collected the best sources I could find, and placed the resources in specific order. ####Big O Notation Math. Scary.
+++ author = “Steven Mays” categories = [“personal development”] date = 2015-04-12T19:45:34Z description = “I’m 30 years old now. I am writing down some shit I learned along the way.” draft = false slug = “turning-30” tags = [“personal development”] title = “Turning 30” +++ I’m 30 years old now. I am writing down some shit I learned along the way. CareerToo many people put off focusing on a career.
The problem that we have with a victim mentality is that we forget to see the blessings of the day. Because of this, our spirit is poisoned instead of nourished. - Steve Maraboli Victim ideologies inherently create and promote a culture of fear. Instead of individuals stating their skills, abilities, and even life are worthy to stand on their own the oppressed bemoan their fate and instead appeal to their ‘oppressors’ through moral condemnation.


Equality of opportunity does not equal equality of results. - MeWestern culture is fixated on results. We define ourselves and others by the outcome of their efforts. Your home, car, and toys are the results of the income you produce through your labor. Humans have a fascination with results, and less so with the sweat equity paid to foster said results. Equality is not possible. At least in the everyone holding hands singing kumbaya.
“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Friedrich NietzschePeople who make it through challenges they encounter in life usually come out of the other end stronger. They are more mentally adept to handle future struggles they may encounter because they have already encountered and successfully navigated from problem to solution. Individuals who focus on and meet fitness and health goals are generally shaped by stronger mental fortitude, along with stronger bodies, because to build the body one must first have the discipline to do so.