In my past fancy life when I bought something that sucked, I just threw it out and bought new shit. Not even kidding. Here's the thing, retailers do not want to lose your business, so you have be your own advocate when dealing with companies.

A company will generally replace or refund any item you're not happy with.

Sample email I recent sent with photo evidence:
Hello I purchased a pair of Onitsuka Tigers. After about 10 wears the sole started coming off. This does not look good and does not speak to the longevity or durability of your shoe. I really like the look and feel and I hope this is just a fluke. However, I would not be inclined to purchase your shoe again you didn't make this right.
I cannot return through the retailer, as zappos does not allow returns on shoes which have been worn.
Is there anything you can do? These shoes were expensive.

Photo evidence:

Some other interactions... I purchased a PC case from Antec, and lost the extra screws. I emailed them how can I purchase extra screws moving, they simply sent me replacement ones. Levi's replaced a pair of jeans I had incorrectly washed with other new jeans without flinching. Apple replaced a keyboard for a laptop I spilled beer on FOR FREE. I really couldn't believe it. Big ups to these companies for having awesome customer service.

It's usually very easy to pop off an email. Be your own advocate and let these companies know... they already took your money, they could at least back it up.