I was on the verge of writing a post for this blog, however facebook distracted me. I was more concerned with reading status updates then the task at hand. This is a common fallacy of mine - begin a task, decide to check something, get lost for an hour. It’s an inefficient way to go about things. You see - I’m an information junkie - constantly checking the news, rss reader, blogs, twitter, facebook, deal sites, forums - I feel like I’m missing out if I’m not getting the latest information at all times. I am so caught up in other people’s accomplishments that I neglect making my own.

Constant distractions are the earmark of this era, and the productivity gains made by the en mass use of technology reduce productivity on an individual level. This lost productivity might not seem huge, I am not being productive but at least I am entertained. However, the opportunity cost is huge. I recently read something that said, “If you had 365 days to become a millionaire or you would die, what would you do?” I thought about this, and considering each individuals innate skills coupled with impending doom most people would likely succeed in this venture, albeit the legality through which they attain this goal would be questionable. My point: If focused on one solitary goal one should be able to attain it.